Build 431000

In this update: a new character, experimental ragdolls and more!

New Character: Lemon! He doesn't accumulate wounds, and is the first non-permadeath character. He also doesn't drop or lose items.
Experimental: Ragdolls. Enable in gameplay menu.
New Mob: Snow Sentry. A bigger, slower version of snow menace.
Increase hand size when holding items.
GUI: Added "Stack Into" button which stacks similar items into target chest.
Merchants sell mothwings.
Wood traders buy wood (and sugar traders buy sugar, etc.)
Can now Toggle HUD in game (for screenshots etc). Default key 'H'.
Delete game dialogue shows saved game details.
Entrances and signposts show region they lead to if visited.
Controller has more functionality in inventory (quick move, etc).
Fix: Chalice doesn't mistakenly reset.
Fix: Can no longer lose certain starting items (e.g., crusader sword, chalice).


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Version 431000 Aug 10, 2018

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awesome possum. Keep up the good work on these updates.

thx tartlee