Oh No! Timmy has gone into the sewers again. You must rescue him. You must Rescue Timmy!

A short roguelike made for #7DRL. Press Escape to display help. Requires Chrome. (The game may not run on other browsers.) 

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I really like this little game. Neat ascii, excellent choice of colors!

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I guess that roguelike games are all about taking risks and trying a lot, hoping for a lucky configuration in randomly generated environment. I do not have much patience for playing roguelikes, but this one, it looks excellent, equally in aesthetics, detail and accessibility.


Lovely little game! Ellen said hi :)

Thanks mate :)


Very sophisticated aesthetic. What did you make this with?

Thanks :) It's made with Typescript + React. It's all DOM too.


Nice little game! Like the text mode aesthetic - reminds me of old classic roguelikes and also a bit of ZZT / Megazeux. Its simplicity is also appealing. Haven't beaten it yet though!


pretty cool!  runs fine in Firefox.  is there a way to attack a rat before it attacks you?  i could not seem to.

Thanks! The rats move quickly so they often attack before you can. Best to just keep clear!

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I think what timconceivable meant was that it seems that they can attack-move while we can't. Anyways, other than that unfairness, I love how the blood splatters onto the walls! I think this is the first ASCII roguelike I've played that does that.