MoonQuest v1.0 is out!

After 8 years of development and 18 months in Steam Early Access I'm happy to say that MoonQuest is now officially out! It's been a long journey and I'm very proud to present the game. Go play it now!

If you're new here, MoonQuest is a procedurally-generated adventure game set in an alien world. Each game generates a new world to explore with wild forests, giant mountains and ancient ruins. Harvest resources, find treasure, and forge the weapons that will help you on your journey.

This final v1.0 release brings many changes to the game! Compared to the Early Access version, this new release contains many new playable characters, an expanded quest, new creatures and items, a larger world, and now runs on a wider range of computers. A complete list of changes for this version is below.

  • Quest now requires finding 3 moonstones.
  • Many new playable characters.
  • Game is more colourful.
  • Redesigned character select screen.
  • Boundary of world is rendered, so player knows where edge is.
  • Major lighting system overhaul and improvements.
  • NPCs agro when player attacks nearby NPC.
  • Elemental can see through Fog of War around ores.
  • Added particles to fluid.
  • Fluid surface now levels out if adjacent blocks are mined.
  • Updated title screens.
  • More masks.
  • Sound effects are spatialised.
  • Added particle effects and colours to weapon swoosh.
  • Item pickups are shown in a list on the side.
  • User interface, tooltips, dialogues are vastly improved.
  • Updated many icons.
  • Removed unused Font options.
  • Removed exposure status effect (you can run around nude with no penalty).
  • Updated cursors.
  • Lasers now collide with fluid.
  • Added magical staves and wands.
  • Added mineable crystals.
  • Added clock item.
  • Only big shields will now block movement.
  • Added asteroids to space.
  • Mask and hat makers will be in every world.
  • Locked doors require key to be put into inventory slot.
  • Compass and other items are now shown on right side of screen.
  • You can now choose to respawn nearby or back at the start area.
  • Shift+click on armour, hats and shields will auto-equip them.
  • Changed how staff lasers work.
  • Enemies spawn away from entrances.
  • Added more music tracks.
  • Added music rate slider and skip button.
  • Fix: Physics system was slowing down due to mobs being stuck in walls.
  • Fix: Decoupled camera movement from frame rate.
  • Fix: Some world objects had bad hitboxes and weren't hittable.
  • Fix: Minimap was rendering at wrong scale.
  • Fix: Fullscreen borderless mode was incorrectly triggering full fullscreen mode.
  • Fix: Mining a block would occasionally crash the game.
  • Fix: Custom graphic settings weren't being saved.
  • Fix: Player could be knocked out of world bounds.
  • System: Improved compatibility and performance.
  • System: Added legacy render mode for lower-end devices.
  • System: Game auto-scales resolution for large windows.
  • System: Enabled high-dpi awareness.
  • Visual improvements: icons, staffs, shields, helmets, heads, animals, portraits, etc.
  • Dynamic decorations: helmet plumes, backpacks, machine cogs, etc.
  • Improved glow effect. Can disable from menu.
  • Now need to press jump to bounce off mobs.
  • Improved tooltips.
  • Added a wind system. Affects plants and particles.
  • Embiggened Moonman's head.
  • Humans run differently when wielding staff or spear.
  • Jump key is looser.
  • Improved app loading time.
  • Humans lower shields when attacking.
  • Items that can be picked up are highlighted with a bubble.
  • Fluid rendering improvements.
  • Renderer now supports transparent entities: space helmet, glass sword, etc.
  • Improved fidelity of lighting.
  • Optimised water and fire rendering.
  • Added more information to item tooltips.
  • Tooltips lock to position when they appear.
  • Matched human portraits to character faces.
  • Wearing a glowing helmet/armour will apply the glow to other worn/wielded items.
  • Key shortcuts in hotbar can be toggled from menu.
  • Hat bobs when walking while carrying shield.
  • Items are bigger in inventory when you pick them up.
  • Weapons reach futher and hitboxes are bigger.
  • Stashes only disappear for some characters.
  • Input gets queued when switching items (e.g., can select new item while swiping and it'll change once swipe is done.)
  • Fix: Body no longer disappears when jump-attacking.
  • Fix: Events weren't cancelling if failing.
  • Fix: Fixed some physics bugs.
  • Fix: Freeplay menu was broken.
  • Fix: Item count missing from stacks.
  • Fix: Some items were wrong colour in craft grid.
  • System: Object pool was redundantly iterating.
  • System: Decreased component lookup count.
  • New sprites for marrow hound and white wolf.
  • Ice blocks emit particles.
  • Fix: Couldn't mine stone with shovel.
  • New Character: Lemon! He doesn't accumulate wounds, and is the first non-permadeath character. He also doesn't drop or lose items.
  • Experimental: Ragdolls. Enable in gameplay menu.
  • New Mob: Snow Sentry. A bigger, slower version of snow menace.
  • Increase hand size when holding items.
  • GUI: Added "Stack Into" button which stacks similar items into target chest.
  • Merchants sell mothwings.
  • Wood traders buy wood (and sugar traders buy sugar, etc.)
  • Can now Toggle HUD in game (for screenshots etc). Default key 'H'.
  • Delete game dialogue shows saved game details.
  • Entrances and signposts show region they lead to if visited.
  • Controller has more functionality in inventory (quick move, etc).
  • Fix: Chalice doesn't mistakenly reset.
  • Fix: Can no longer lose certain starting items (e.g., crusader sword, chalice).
  • You can now customise keybindings.
  • NPCs dialogue is a different colour if it's a hint.
  • On death a worn cursed item has an 80% change of being lost.
  • Added "Play From Seed" mode. Start a game from a seed (must be in clipboard).
  • Added "Graveyard" to menu that shows failed games.
  • Updated menus.
  • Fix: Fixed infinite mining while menu is shown bug.
  • Added Holy Toolbench (available in Crusader's temple)
  • Added Umbrella. It protects against rusting.
  • Added Chalice.
  • Gamdelf automatically recharges staves.
  • Carl can now craft Ray Gun through recycler.
  • Humans now have a wind-up delay when attacking.
  • "Demons" are now "unformed".
  • Walls don't burn away in underground areas.
  • Elemental is now vegetarian.
  • All attacks cause some knockback.
  • Added secret character.
  • Added bats.
  • Increased breath.
  • Disabled exit walk animation.
  • Crusader always has a salt seller in town.
  • Wood seller in town appears more often.
  • Added enemy health bars (toggle through Gameplay menu).
  • Fix: Reduced cost of some toolbox items.
  • Fix: Optimised fire to increase frame rate.
  • Fix: Can now craft forest set.
  • Fix: Fixed player movement stutter when climbing up blocks.
  • Fix: Items no longer get stuck in furniture.
  • Fix: Fire and fluid no longer simulate while game is paused.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where game couldn't find data.dat.
  • Fix: Fixed other minor things.
  • Misc: Disabled external twitter link in Steam.

Thanks for playing!
Ben Porter


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Feb 18, 2020
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Feb 19, 2020
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Feb 18, 2020
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Feb 18, 2020

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