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Help me, i have all the moonstones except the igniting moonstone and I'm currently in the volcano but if I die, I die forever!

Can you give me some tips please (I play this game since early access)

have you tried early access


game looks awesome, but could you add a demo so I know what i'm gonna be playing

the demo also cost $19.99 for some reason?

This looks awesome, might try it sometime!

report as awesom


Ahoy. Is there controller support on the mac ver of moonquest? Looks like a good time.

Yep, there sure is. Tested with a ps4 controller, but other common controllers should work.


Already bought it. Nice vibes. Thanks.

Cheers, enjoy :)


eu queria jogar isso mas e pago AAAAAAAA

me too


I wanna try this game to see how fantastic  can it be.. <:(

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what if you try to make this game for free just for today? 

News: A player named YotamSh has completed MoonQuest in under 10 minutes! What a tremendous effort. Congrats!

is there two player? I want to be sure, I'm running low on my monthly data plan and want fun party- or multiplayer games for home.


It's single player.

In that case the splash/header image is pretty misleading. Just sayin'!

A fair point!

ye purchase willy nilly

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will there be steam keys? (didnt get a choice when i bought the game only itch existed...)

I don't have that planned yet, sorry.

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i can have the macOs version only if i buy on itch?

Yes the macOS and Linux versions are only available on Itch.

what engine do you use for this game?

Hi, I built a custom engine for this game.

Oh, cool, i use godot engine, do you like it?

Do I like godot? I haven't used it.



would you benefit from me purchasing it here or on steam? i'm thinking of getting it and streaming it on fridays


They get a bigger cut here. Valve takes 30%, itch takes around 10%


There are benefits to either, so choose whatever you like. Enjoy the game!


i will! ill be streaming it this friday now that i finally got the chance to do it lol

Is it going to be in Steam?

Already is.


Sux that people instantly revert to steam. They get less money from sales there. But, they could sell a steam key on here..

Pretty sure the Yogscast copyrighted Moonquest lol


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The game is now finished! Check the devlog post for the full changelog. Enjoy!


Awesome! Featured you on the homepage

Wow, thanks!


I haven't even played the game yet and I already feel this excited, thank you game developers and game itself! (Looking forward to it!)


New build is online! It includes a new character, ragdolls and many improvements. 

I haven’t played this yet, but it looks really great. If you released it on steam it could make a huge profit I think.

Thanks! It's on Steam:


Is there going to be a Mac version?


Yep. Hopefully in a couple of months.


That's awesome!

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I just uploaded a new build with bats, new crafters, combat improvements, and more! Read the full build notes here. Play MoonQuest during a full moon (or near enough) to unlock the Werewolf playable character. He drinks from a Blood Chalice and becomes frenzied.

Werewolf gameplay GIF

It's cool to finally see MoonQuest out and playable, even if it's still early on. I've only just begun my adventure, but can really see the potential it has in terms of crafting and exploration. The music comes off as a bit limited and on the quiet side, but the visuals are all quite nice, carrying a quirky style in everything you see. I'm definitely curious to see what will happen in my continued adventures

Good job, devs.

Thanks for playing!


Thanks for developing.


Streamed the game recently and thought I might share. (The latter half has more of the good bits and feedback.)

The game is coming along nicely, but I feel it needs a bit more direction as far as story goes. You're told to find the Moon Stones and...that's it. Once you leave the starting room, you're running blind. I can only assume they're found in the deep cave areas, behind many doors. Combat also gives me a hard time if I don't luck up on some gear in a chest, though it's fun finding ways to avoid or outrun danger.

Thanks for the Let's Play and the feedback! The game will eventually have a proper quest system with sub-goals, which will make things much clearer.

what is the download key for?

From the F.A.Q. above:

I see keys in the MoonQuest package. What are they for? Whoops, ignore those! They were for a legacy version of MoonQuest and are no longer needed.


You should be able to delete them from the "external keys" page if you don't need to hand them out anymore. Click on the page that takes you to the listing and scroll way down. Tell me if you have any issues.

Thanks Leaf, Yeah I already did that, and sent an email a few days ago asking itch to remove the assigned ones too. 


Hey, played a bit of this on my channel! Only barely dipped my toe into it, though, so I might have to do some more. Really loving it, so far!


I have now spent a good many hours playing the game and I love it. I'd say if you like the idea of a rogue-like mixed with an endless exploration of the weird then you ought to enjoy Moonquest a lot. You have limited lives and sometimes you get unlucky and it's game over, but within seconds you're back to exploring a completely new & weird world. That you have limited chances before you start into a new world is probably my favorite thing about the game. It's not an endless exploration of a single world, it's like sitting down to a completely new challenge every time.


Thanks for playing Tartle!


Congrats Ben, so excited to see that this is finally out! - Matt


*You no longer explode when climbing ladders.*

I would call this a feature not a bug.


Looks funny, odd, weird, and well done! Love the art style :)


Congratulations my friend 💜


Thanks Eeve <3

Does buying the game here come with a Steam key?

Nope. It does come with a "game key" which seems to be a string of randomly generated words (distinctly not a Steam key), but I have no idea what its intended function is.

My mistake! Those keys do nothing. Ignore them!

Nope, just the DRM-free game. It also works through the itch app.


Looks very kooky.  I am a fan of this level of madness. So excited it is out!


12 dollars? you've been working on this so long and I've been following so long I feel I should be paying 1200 dollars. But Ima just pay 12 dollars because I don't actually have that much money. 


Awesome stuff Ben! You've finally done it! Congratulations, can't wait to sink my teeth into this epic!


Aw yeah@!